The TASCON® Business Analyst is a powerful online software business solution tool that links the features of profit enhancement, cash flow management and business valuation that was specifically developed for business owners/buyers and their trusted advisors.  It has been used by professionals in business appraisal and professional intermediaries to business since 1989.


The TASCON® Business Analyst is all you need to successfully manage any business. It starts where accounting software programs stop. It uses proven business strategies and the data from the actual accounting records to transform them into viable and proven business solutions that are used to increase profits and control the cash flow, growth and exit strategies of any business.

If your company or your client's company is large enough to use accounting software, its profits, cash flow management and financial planning needs can be enhanced and improved by using The TASCON® Business Analyst!

The software is based upon the techniques described in the two books, How to Accurately Price Any Business and Financial Management for Small Business written by Theodore A. See, President, The TASCON Group. Although the books mentioned here are not currently available in print form, you will find the strategies and techniques revealed in these books available as the online software application at Please select the link below for a personal tour of the software.

 The TASCON® Business Analyst powers all of the other products in our line including: The Value Forecaster, The Profit Forecaster and The Exit Plan Analyst. It is available at: